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Our Happy Customers

Mr. Shivanand Kanavi

Former VP, TCS, Adjunct Faculty at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Senior Journalist & Author

"The moment we set our eyes on Venkatesh Nagar, Igatpuri, we were enchanted by the landscape, weather and natural surroundings. However to make our dream bungalow come true it took more than that. The developers played an important supportive role in it. Further, they continue to invest in making the place more and more user friendly for guests and residents alike. We have now moved from the maddening crowds of Mumbai to the beautiful but quiet hills of Venkatesh Nagar but we do not feel isolated because of excellent security and quick remedy by the developers for any minor problems we face. We are extremely happy with our choice."

Mr. Abhay Agarwal

Managing Director - Piper Serica

"I and my family really enjoy visiting our bungalow at Shree Venkatesh Nagar. The whole project has come up very well and it is fully self-sufficient. We find the ambiance to be superb and it is really a heavenly weekend getaway. We use the facilities like cafeteria, basketball, clubhouse, trekking etc. The security is excellent and also the staff is very friendly and cooperative. Shri Avinash Gothi has an excellent vision of developing the project and he and his team have done a wonderful job of exceeding the expectation of visitors. I would highly recommend a visit to Shree Venkatesh Nagar."

Ms. Yamini Bagga

"It is a wonderful experience staying at Shree Venkatesh Nagar Igatpuri, on weekend breaks at our house. The society is well maintained and they maintain your house and garden for you too if you so desire at a cost. Staff is very helpful and courteous all the time. Security too is sound and twenty-four hours. We are quite happy with this place. Thank you all."

Mr. Roy & Family

"6 years back we surprised everyone by purchasing a small plot of land here in Shree Venkateshnagar, Pimpari , Igatpuri. Three years back we surprised ourselves by starting to construct and actually living in  our house here. We were almost prepared for the unforeseen and eventual exposure to the elements.
What we had not accounted for was being able to breathe under the magnificence of a million stars illuminating a night sky , the thrill off seeing a flower bloom before your own eyes oblivious of the world around you, the dexterity of ants making a road across your own street and yes , a mountain that donned a new look with each new stroke of time and season. Such blissful surroundings would make you want to believe you are in a dream , but all we would like to state is that we are a happy to be not wanting to wake up. Ever."

Ms. Kavita Hiren

"The dream of our own holiday home was not ours alone. Mr Avinash Gothi too had a dream of setting up a complex that afforded a lifestyle of second homes...we just became partners in fulfilling our dreams. There was nothing...simply no construction on phase 1 and 2 in Jan 2006 when we first went to site....just the sample bungalow, site office and one under construction structure. By Jan 2007, just 9 months and 9 days after we broke ground, our home was ready. We became the first owners who ever stayed in their own property at Shree Venkatesh Nagar. In fact for a number of years onward, our house was shown as the sample bungalow!!!
It would not have been possible without the unflinching cooperation, commitment, willingness and support of so so many other people ... Mr Sachin Baldota, our contractor who worked in close co-ordination with our architect Rakhi Takle, mr Naidu, mr Gore, the staff at Ashwin hotel (harshada), mr Badhange, Shivram, Gangaram, Sumitra, Shengar and many others...not to mention admin staff at the Bombay office Mr Jagdish Puthran.
Even today we continue to be treated special. The maintenance of the complex and security of the houses is near perfect. Problems with Facilities like water and electricity a thing of the past. We have seen the place develop into a great weekend getaway and are proud pioneers with the promoters of Shree Venkatesh Nagar to make the project so successful."